July 13, 2012 •

Board of Directors Approves Five Community Grants

On Thursday July 12th the Coronado Tourism Improvement District reviewed and discussed the ten applications they received for community grants.  Of the ten, five applications were approved based on their history of improving the number of day visitors from San Diego and/or increasing hotel occupancy in Coronado hotels.

The approved grantees were:

Coronado Chamber of Commerce  “Snow Mountain/Holiday Open House”  $4,000
Coronado Historical Association “Coronado Art Walk” $4,000
Coronado School of the Arts “Nations of San Diego Int’l Dance” $4,000
Lamb’s Players Theatre “Festival/American Christmas” $4,000
Superfrog Inc. “Superfrog/Superseal” $4,000

We thank each of the applicants for their effort and encourage them to apply for future grants from the Coronado Tourism Improvement District.