Current Community Projects

Free Summer Shuttle – FY12/13 Through FY17/18

Launched in 2013, the most appreciated community program supported by Discover Coronado is the Free Summer Shuttle. The Summer 2017 exterior wrapping will still feature a red VW bus, but the happy passengers have been updated to better represent the Coronado community.


John D. Spreckels Exhibit

In January, Discover Coronado approved funding for an upcoming local exhibit with the Coronado Historical Association. The extensive exhibit will honor John D. Spreckels and his many contributions to the Coronado community.


CTID.ShuttleSilver Strand Shuttle – FY16/17 Through FY17/18

In Spring 2017, the Board approved continued funding for the Silver Strand Shuttle. The shuttle will transport guests of Loews Coronado Bay Resort to the Village and back. New this year will be a Cays Curbside service, which is a separate on-demand pickup service for Cays residents that will bring them to Loews to catch the shuttle.

In 2016, the Silver Strand Shuttle provided 39,000 rides to groups, guests and residents of the Coronado Cays.


Business Development Subcommittee

Discover Coronado voluntarily suspended local marketing in April 2016, and formalized that decision in October 2016. In an effort to continue supporting the local Coronado business community, a Business Development Subcommittee has been formed. The subcommittee is tasked with developing ideas that will generate revenue for local businesses, but these ideas cannot be interpreted as advertising and will not increase vehicle volume.


BBMAC – FY15/16 Through FY17/18

To attract large swim teams to the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Center (BBMAC), Discover Coronado developed an advertising campaign for the Center. Funding covered asset photography, strategic planning and marketing tactics. This strategy later led to the US Open Water National Swim Team training at BBMAC prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2016, 8 swim teams booked 500 rooms in the off-season at two of the CTID assessed hotels.


CTID.BannerCommunity Banner Program – FY15/16 Through FY 17/18

Discover Coronado funded a program to design, produce and install a total of 60 new banners along Coronado’s Orange Avenue to Avenida de las Arenas. The banners will be changed six times throughout the year. The City Council approved the banner designs and installation after the city’s Cultural Arts Commission came up with the idea to encourage the use of public spaces for art, one of its 2016 goals.